The Olympic Games

Power. Beauty. Athletic prowess. The Olympic Games have generated some of the most enduring and iconic images of sport. Discover just some of them, here.

Olympics Rings

Behind the lens

It takes more than you’d think to capture the images that we all remember from the Games. We’ve spoken to the photographers — read the stories behind the images, in their words.

IOC Olympic Museum

IOC Olympic Museum

Housing a collection of imagery going right back to the start of the modern Games, the IOC Olympic Museum offers an unmatched breadth and uniqueness of coverage. Discover it now.

Olympic symbols and flames

Olympic symbols and flames

The Olympic Rings in situ, the torch as it passes through the crowds, the flame itself. Olympic symbols and flames lend instant recognition to your coverage.
See them now.

Great Olympians

Great Olympians

Thanks to their unforgettable performances and personality, past Olympic greats have gone on to become household names. So we’ve rounded them up for you here.

Best of the Olympic Games

Best of the Olympic Games

Beijing, Athens, Sydney, Atlanta. Vancouver, Salt Lake City, Nagano, Lillehammer. And more. We’ve got imagery from all the Games, summer and winter.

Volume arrangements

We can tailor a package to suit your needs – from the build-up, all the way through to live coverage of the 2012 Olympic Games themselves. We can offer pricing based on volume. And we can deliver content to you via our feeds. Speak to your sales contact now.

Rights and clearances

If you have approval from the IOC to use content commercially, we can help you gain the appropriate rights and clearance to leverage your 2012 Olympic Games sponsorship.


With our Media Manager and Daylife services, we can help you make the most of your coverage and keep close tabs on all the assets which are generated.


Make the most of your sponsorship. We have a specialist team of photographers, available on assignment, ready to capture imagery of your brand alongside all the action. Find out more.

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