michael joy

Berkeley, CA United States

Bio: “Float” by Michael Joy is the new album by this west coast singer/ songwriter. Produced By Duane Lundy who has worked with Eliot Smith, Six Pence Non The Richer, and many other independent bands, in Lexington, Kentucky, with additional production done by Justin Phelps who worked on the last Jolie Holland album, “Springtime Can Kill You” and has worked with Chuck Prophet for a number of years. Moving between pop, americana, and a folk rock feel with members drawn from the bands of Ryan Adams, Chuck Prophet, Jolie Holland, Eric Mcfadden, and a young band from Lexington “Scurge Of The Sea”, the album has an intimate and dreamlike atmosphere. “Float” will be promoted by Tinderbox Music of Minneapolis/Nashville, and a live tour is now being scheduled.
Reviews from "River of Days"
Michael Joy hails from the East Coast, where he fronted a few groups before migrating to the West. He's settled in Berkeley, a suitable spot for his easy mannered Americana, which is enriched with a glow of '70s era singer/songwriter charm. He is, at the core, a folk artist, but with a pop heart. And a Zen-like sense of warmth and wonder that imbues his subtle, yet crafty, material. Emmy nominated songwriter/producer Benjamin Birkbeck describes his songs and sounds as "a mix of Dylan, Traveling Wilburys, Beatles, Cowboy Junkies (and) The Grateful Dead with a modern alternative western rock edge." (Rivulet Music)(Miles Of Music Review August 05)

Michael Joy's "River Of Days" comes out of nowhere with a startling and very beautiful collection of pop, folk, and Americana songs. Remarkable for its consistency of pure songwriting , track after track one feels in the presence
of a sure hand of lyric and melody. "Bakersfield"from "River Of Days" is
one of the five finalists in the 2005 Independent Music Awards .Produced by Benji Farquhar who's worked with Taj Mahal, and also has worked with Grammy Award engineer
Michael Rosen.Mixed by Justin
Phelps,known for his work with Chuck Prophet, Cake and other independent artists, and mastered by veteran producer/ engineer John Cuniberti at The Plant,
"River Of Days" is the first full studio album by this northern California musician. Michael Joy has just signed with Optic Noise music and licensing for placement in film and t.v. for the songs on "River Of Days". .
From the first listen of track one, "To Climb", from Michael Joy's "River Of Days"(Rivulet Music) one feels to be with a very dear friend. This is a confident debut of the east coast Joy,
that moved to the west coast, and now is living in Berkeley, California. Michael Joy has fashioned a fairly diverse and arresting mix of contemporary singer-songwriter pop, and seventies americana. These eleven songs are as catchy as hell! Fine laid back guitar lines and a beautiful groomed arrangement of each song.... Stand out songs are "Night Flight Over Water", "Bakersfield", "Mark Twain", and "Better Men Than You". This subtle CD, with certainly
commercial (positively meant) aspirations has much to offer. Considering the potency of the
songwriting, I expect in the future Michael Joy will find himself being courted by numerous
record labels. Meanwhile, there's much here to enjoy on this excellent CD, "River Of Days"
Aug 05 review in Alt-Country (Netherlands)
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