Andy Conrad

Webster Groves, MO United States

Genres:Folk, Funk, Country - Alternative, Electronic - Lounge/Chillout, Pop Rock, Alternative Pop, Specialty - Americana/Western, Rock - Roots Rock, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Experimental/Post-Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop , World - Island
Bio: Born. Got Beatles 20 Mostest Bestest as a birthday gift in 6th grade.

I am from Kansas City, a conservative community on the verge of falling into an ocean of grains and pastures.

Many moons ago, I squirreled away some coin and bought a south of the border Strat. I am left-handed and arrived at the fiddle shop wanting a left-handed guitar. The wheelchair-rolling owner advised me to play a right-handed “gee-tar,” because I would be able to "shred with [my] powerful left hand.”

I’ve never done any shredding in my time, but, I remain a right-handed strummer, twanger and jingle-jangler.

I am a producer and self-taught multi-instrumentalist: play guitars electric and acoustic, sing like an injured bird, finger and pluck bass guitars, tickle cheap casio keyboards, labor over rhodes electric piano and my grandmother’s old Hammond organ, swing at drums and cymbals with eyes closed, bonk bongos and tambourines and shakers, blow harmonicas, fumble with mandolin, pick & grin with banjo, squeeze accordion, truncate samples.

Recording typically takes place after all people and animals are fast asleep.

I've always been a large fan of listening to music, and I maintain a jumbo album collection, which is probably why I have a nice case of tinnitus. My loves are soul-funk and jazz. I enjoy California country, Liverpool and Stravinsky. There's rarely a moment in my life when music isn't playing, which many people might find upsetting. I need a soundtrack for my life.
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