Acumen Nation

Lombard, IL United States

Genres:Electronic - Industrial, Specialty - Promo Music, Rock - Metal/Alternative Metal
Bio: Once an original part of the late 90's coldwave music scene that fused guitars with industrial music, Chicago's ACUMEN NATION has logged hundreds of shows, 8 albums and over a dozen US tours over the years. Running their own imprint and producing music for videogames, television and other bands, ACUMEN NATION continuously evolve, later adding the sounds of drum n bass, breakbeat, and hardcore into the mix, resulting in a harsh amalgam of metal and electronics.

In 2002, founder Jason Novak started Cracknation Records. That year the band released “The 5ifth Column”, then “Lord of the Cynics” in 2003 and “Anticore” in 2005. Tours and performances with Ministry, Sevendust, Rammstein, KMFDM, Local H, Soil, Front Line Assembly, Mushroomhead, Skinlab, and Lords of Acid were logged over the years. In 2008 they released “Psychotherapist” and wrote the majority of the score for Vogster Entertainments “Unbound Saga” videogame.

“Deftones on crystal meth...8 out of 10” -ALTERNATIVE PRESS
“Pissed-off anthems for a pissed-off generation” -OUTBURN
“Ministry: the next generation” -CHICAGO TRIBUNE
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