Chris Michols

Uppsala, Uppland Sweden

Chris Michols
Genres:Folk, Country - Alternative, Alternative Pop, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Hard Rock/Classic, Rock - Alternative Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: Chris’s musical career started back in the early 90's when he learned to play part of the theme from the Godfather from his friend Dave Lepard (Crash Diet). That little taste of music gave Chris the courage to ask his oldest brother about letting Chris practise using his precious guitar. Andreas, Chris's big brother also helped him get started by teaching him the intro to Guns and Roses Paradise City.
Dave and Chris started a band, Warpath, and made their first record. The band played together for a year or two. During that time Chris had begun writing his own songs, very much inspired by the Nirvana Unplugged album. So with a teenage-rockstar-dream-clouded head Chris teamed up with Peter Wikner (now music producer and founder of Stagger Productions) to start an all unplugged band. This band later transformed into Dislife.

The post-grunge band Dislife played together for seven years. One of the songs Chris wrote for Dislife ended up on the sixth Halloween episode of the world wide known TV-show Dawson’s Creek. Following Dislife's break-up Chris got lost a couple of years, at least musically.

In April 2008 the solo album The Long Road was released as a zip archived online album. It has since then been downloaded over 100 000 times. All though Chris himself thought of The Long Road as a demo album with a questionable recording quality many still regard it to be one of Chris's best releases.

Fall 2009 the EP Fade In was released as the first official Chris Michols production. Four of the five songs are remakes of songs previously featured on The Long Road.

Following the success with The Long Road Chris needed a band to play the songs with. Mikael Bodin and Henrik Wahlgren was kind enough to join in. A few concerts later they decided that the lineup (acoustic guitar, organ and vocals) was way to thin. They needed some bass and drums. Fredrik Olsson and Martin Hast, previous members of Dislife, was the natural choice. Now the acoustic act was all of a sudden a rock act and consequently Chris started writing songs that suited the genre better. After more than a year of writing, arranging, recording and producing the band has finally finished their debute album, Scar Trek.
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