Partnering with trusted industry leader, NVIDIA, our AI Generator pairs Getty Images' vast content and data with the latest AI technology to unlock endless possibilities for ideation and content creation.
AI generated illustration of umbrella with coins
Commercially safe
Trained exclusively off Getty Images best‑quality creative content and data, you can rest assured that the images you generate, and license, are backed by our uncapped indemnification.
AI generated illustration of woman working on laptop
End‑to‑end solution
From ideation to execution, our AI Image Generation Service combines perfectly with the pre‑shot Getty Images content libraries and solutions to elevate your entire creative process.
AI generated illustration of clip board being checked
Stability that scales
Our technology partner, NVIDIA, and their proven computing infrastructure provides speed and stability to generate incredible visuals even at commercial scale.
AI generated illustration of woman using a camera
Compensates creators
We’ve created a model that compensates our world‑class content creators for the use of their work in our AI model, allowing them to continue to create more of the high‑quality pre‑shot imagery you depend on.
A worry‑free model built for business 

Trained exclusively on Getty Images’ best‑in‑class creative content.
  • Commercially safe—trained exclusively on permissioned data to prevent the generation of imagery that includes 3rd party IPs or other problematic results like deepfakes
  • Download and license any visual you generate, at your desired resolution and size, at no extra charge
  • NEW: Easily adapt your generated images with built‑in refine and extend functionality 
  • Uncapped indemnification included with each download 
  • Generated images will not be added to the creative library for others to license 
  • Accessible via API or
  • Text to image prompting is currently available in 75 languages

Frequently asked questions

How do I use the AI Generator alongside the Getty Images creative pre‑shot library?
Crafted by world‑class talent, our pre‑shot visuals deliver a depth and breadth of imagery and a level of authenticity, diversity, creativity, and quality that can engage and move any audience. Generative AI by Getty Images is a commercially‑safe and responsible solution designed to help you embrace AI, elevate your creativity, and ideate or iterate on concepts and compositions. As such, our pre‑shot library and Generative AI service pair well together as powerful ways to discover the right visual for your needs, backed by our uncapped indemnification.
How are these AI generated images made?
Generative AI by Getty Images is powered by NVIDIA Picasso, a custom machine learning model, trained exclusively using Getty Images’ high‑quality content and data from our creative library. Customers then use text prompt‑to‑image generation to direct the model in fabricating imagery based on our content and data.
What is text prompttoimage generation?
Text prompt‑to‑image generation lets you create unique images in seconds by describing the image that you want to see. The AI Generator will then generate visuals relevant to those prompts that can be used across your creative process, from ideation to execution.
What is Getty Images doing to ensure Generative AI images are created responsibly and safe to use?
The Getty Images & NVIDIA partnership has trained the custom model from the very best creative visuals from Getty Images to create commercially safe models and outputs. And we’ve taken care to block prompts that could generate and output problematic content.
What is Getty Images’ approach to commercially safe, generative AI?
Getty Images has always been a trusted partner for commercially safe, impactful visual content that elevates creativity and helps our customers move the world. Through cost‑efficient and worry‑free products, along with best‑in‑class service, our mission is to meet your ever‑evolving needs. Our adoption and distribution of AI technologies trained on fully licensed creative content furthers that mission and expands our capabilities to deliver exactly what you're looking for—the perfect image.

Whether you are looking for AI‑generated content for creative inspiration, or imagery to use commercially, our Generative AI services provide full protection and indemnification to use in a rapidly changing legal and regulatory environment.

To learn more about our views on Generative AI, please check out our About Us page.
Will copies of my content ever become a part of the Getty Images Generative AI model?
Yes, your prompts, generated images, and feedback will all be used in retraining our model to become more effective for you, our customer. By allowing our model to learn and improve through retraining, we can provide you with an improved experience such as better understanding the intent of your prompt or reducing deformations in generated content.

All stills on this page were created with Generative AI by Getty Images.