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Israeli forces demolish workplace of Palestinian family

JERUSALEM, PALESTINE - JANUARY 17: Israeli forces on Monday demolished the workplace of a Palestinian family in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. Israeli municipal authorities issued an order to expel Mahmoud al-Salihiya and his family from their house and a plant nursery in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood to build a school in their place. Years-long attempts by the family to have the order revoked have failed. A Palestinian has threatened to set himself and his family on fire in protest of an Israeli eviction order. “We will not leave here, either we die or we live," a fuming Mahmoud shouted as he carried a container of gasoline. "The (Israeli) municipality wants to remove a family from their home in order to set up schools. Who are the schools for? Schools for them, for the Jews," he explained. "Whoever approaches, I will burn the house which is full of gas pipes, and I will bomb the house with whoever inside," he warned. Some young men who were among the family's friends poured gasoline on the roof of the house. The house is located near dozens of homes threatened with eviction, which the Israeli Supreme Court has not yet issued a verdict regarding Israeli settlers’ request to evict Palestinian families. (Footage by Mucahit Aydemir/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)