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Infantry of European nations, chromolithograph, published in 1897 - stock illustration

Infantry of European nations at the end of the 19th century: I) German Empire: 1) Prussian Guard Grenadier Officer (parade); 2) Prussian infantryman in the dungarees, 3) Bavarian Invantry non-commissioned officer, 4) Saxon infantryman (battlefield), 5) Prussian infantry officer 6) Prussian Grenadier from the 1st Guards regiment on foot (parade), 7) Württemberg Infantryman, 8) Army bandsman of the Prussian line grenadiers; II) Austria-Hungary: 1) Corporal of the German infantry, 2) Drummer of the Hungarian infantry, 3) Hungarian infantryman (parade), officer (battlefield, 4), and officer 8parade, 5), 6) Army bandsman, 7) German infantryman (battlefield), 8) Bosnian-Herzegovinian infantryman; III) Italy: 1 - 2) Infantryman, battlfield (1) and parade (2), 3) Infantry officer, 4) Grenadier Officer, 5) Colonel of the Infantry, 6) Infantry officer, in cap and coat, 7) Sergeant; IV) France: 1) Turco, 2) Zuave, 3) Turco officer, 4) Light african infantry, 5) Line infantryman (battlefield), 6) Line infantry officer (battlefield), 7) Line infantry corperal (Tunique); V) Russia: 1) Infantry sergeant, 2) Drummer of the infantry (parade), 3) Infantry officer (battlefield), 4) Infantry officer (parade), 5) Grenadier from the Pavlov's Guard Regiment (parade), 6) Infantryman (parade), 7) Grenadier in coat, 8) Infantryman (battlfield), 9) Guards officer (parade); VI) Great Britain: 1) Drummer of the Line infantry, 2) Highlander, 3) Line infantryman (battlefield), 4) Fusilier officer, 5) Soldier of the Light Highland Infantry, 6) Grenadier of the Grenadier Guards, 7) Sepoy of the East India Company. Chromolithograph after drawings by Richard Knötel (German military painter, 1857 - 1914), published in 1897.
Infantry of European nations, chromolithograph, published in 1897

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