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Buying images for personal or home use

Looking for photos for your home, office or as a gift? Visit, where you can find a large selection of stunning, expertly framed photography from Getty Images, shipped and ready to hang up.

If the image you’re looking for isn’t available at, you can acquire a creative one-time use licence for personal use for things like home décor or a card for an invitation to a private event.

Editorial images can’t be used for personal or home use.

Contact us to set yourself up with a creative use licence

Pricing photos, illustrations, videos and music clips

When you download a photo, illustration, vector, video or music clip from Getty Images, you’re actually buying a licence that gives you rights to use it in your projects.

Royalty-free images and video clips are priced by file size. Rights-ready videos (RR) and rights-managed editorial images (RM), on the other hand, are priced by usage.

In addition to the licence type, the price of the licence is influenced by how you’re paying for that licence — you can buy them one at a time as you go, stock up and save with prepaid download packs (rights-managed images not included), or commit to a larger number of downloads a year through a Premium Access annual plan.

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Pay by file size
  • Creative RF photos, illustrations and vectors
  • Creative RF video clips
  • Standard editorial rights photos
Your price is based strictly on the file size you’ve selected and whether you’re buying just that licence, using a prepaid download pack, or downloading via Premium Access.

Pay by usage
  • Creative RR video clips
  • Custom editorial rights photos
  • Editorial video clips
Your price is based on how you intend to use it (factors include media, size, duration, placement, geographic distribution and exclusivity) and can be calculated on the file’s detailed information page or from the basket. You can save your most frequent calculations to make it easier.

Royalty-free music

We offer thousands of royalty-free music tracks and sound effects for the same price, no matter the length and size of the file.

Learn more about Getty Images Music

Pay less for downloads with packs

Prepaid packs let you stock up and save on royalty-free images, video clips and editorial images.

Packs let you pay upfront for a bundle of 5 or 10 downloads (the larger the pack, the more you save). Once you have your pack, use it to download any combination of royalty-free creative photos, videos, illustrations, vectors, and most editorial images.

To view pricing information for packs, check out our Pricing and solutions.


Every team and business has different needs. That’s why we offer a full range of enterprise solutions, including flexible pricing for agencies and subscription options for teams of any size and budget. Subscriptions include:

  • No daily or monthly download limits
  • No seat licences required
  • Custom content and special commissions available
  • Time-saving management and collaboration tools
  • Integrated workflow lets you place hi-resolution images directly in comps
  • Subscriptions with video clips available
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Premium Access

Premium Access agreements are annual, capped download agreements that let your entire team download the files they need, with no daily or monthly download limits. Available in a variety of highly customisable plans, you can access photos, illustrations, videos and music from a wide variety of royalty-free, rights-managed and rights-ready collections.

Contact us to set yourself up with a Premium Access agreement

Turning auto-renew on and off

Depending on the type of Premium Access agreement you have and your billing country, your agreement may automatically renew for an additional year at the end of your term using the payment information on file. Your company’s billing contact can view your Premium Access agreement’s auto-renew status from their account overview page and can turn auto-renew on or off at any time.

Applying for tax-exempt purchasing

We apply sales, VAT and other transactional taxes to your order based on what you’re buying and where you’re located.

If your company qualifies for tax-exempt status in your country or region, you can apply for tax-exempt purchasing on Getty Images. We’ll be happy to work with you to establish your tax-exempt status.

Contact us to apply for tax-exempt purchasing

Applying for credit terms

If you’d like to set yourself up with credit terms as a payment option, you can either register for a new company account or verify that your account is associated with an existing company account. That’s not something you can do yourself, but we’d be happy to help.

Contact us to apply for credit terms

Refunds and returning downloaded files

We understand, sometimes plans change. If you want a refund for a recent single-file purchase, you can submit a request in writing within thirty days of your order, provided you have not already used the file.

Email us to enquire about a refund

To return an image downloaded via a prepaid pack, go to your account’s download history and view by UltraPack. Find the image you want to return and select Download by mistake?

Once the purchase is cancelled, you give up your rights to use the file and must delete or destroy any copies.

Unfortunately, we don’t allow returns of files downloaded via Premium Access or Editorial subscriptions at this time.

Transferring ownership of a licence

During the purchase of a licence for a file, you can transfer that licence to anyone you want. Just enter the name of the person or company you want to transfer the file to in the Licensee name box found in the Reference information section at checkout and you’re good to go.

If you leave this box blank, you will be the owner of the licence you are buying.

Transferring a licence only works if it’s a single file purchase. We currently don’t support licence transfers for files that you’ve downloaded as part of an UltraPack or subscription.

Creating a price quote

Sometimes you’ll need to create a price quote for a client before you purchase a licence. All you have to do is go to your basket and select the images you want to include in the quote then select Create quote and fill in the requested information.

Tax charges

We apply sales, VAT and other transactional taxes to your order based on what you’re buying and where you’re located.

If you are paying with terms, you will receive an invoice detailing the actual tax applied. If you are paying by credit card, the actual tax applied will be included in the transaction amount that appears on your credit card statement.

Incorrect tax/VAT charges

Mistakes happen. If you feel VAT has been incorrectly charged to your account or you require a tax refund, we can help with that.

Contact us for help with your VAT or tax issues

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